What To Do With A Long Bedroom Wall

By | March 24, 2024

Beautifying and Functionalizing a Long Bedroom Wall: A Comprehensive Guide

Long bedroom walls often present a decorating conundrum, leaving homeowners unsure how to optimize their space and create a visually appealing environment. However, with a thoughtful approach and creative solutions, you can transform your elongated wall into a captivating and functional design element.

1. Divide and Conquer with Architectural Elements

One effective strategy is to divide the wall into distinct sections using architectural elements such as half-walls, room dividers, or pillars. These elements visually break up the long expanse, creating smaller and more manageable areas to decorate.

2. Create a Feature Wall with Bold Color or Wallpaper

Draw attention to a particular section of the wall by painting it in a striking color or covering it with an eye-catching wallpaper. This creates a focal point and adds visual interest to the room's design.

3. Display Art and Wall Decor

Hang a collection of artwork, photographs, or mirrors to create a gallery wall and draw the eye upwards. Consider varying the sizes and frames of the pieces to add depth and visual appeal.

4. Utilize Wall Shelving for Storage and Display

Incorporate wall shelving into the design to provide storage space and display prized possessions. Use a variety of shelf sizes and shapes to create a dynamic and functional wall arrangement.

5. Add Dimension with Moldings or Wainscot

Install decorative moldings or wainscoting to give the long wall a more dimensional and layered look. These elements add architectural interest and can help define different areas of the room.

6. Hang Vertical Curtains or Tapestry

Long curtains or a large tapestry can visually "shorten" the wall by breaking up its length. Consider using bold patterns or rich fabrics to create a dramatic statement.

7. Position Furniture Strategically

Place furniture strategically to create a more balanced and cohesive look. For instance, anchor the long wall with a large headboard or sofa, and add accent pieces and lighting to complement the design.

Additional Tips for Long Bedroom Walls


Consider a mural or custom artwork:

A commissioned mural or a large-scale artwork can transform a long wall into a stunning focal point. *

Use mirrors to reflect light:

Mirrors can make a long room feel more spacious and brighter. Hang mirrors opposite windows or other light sources to maximize their effect. *

Incorporate plants:

Add life and greenery to the room by displaying plants on wall shelves or hanging them from the ceiling. *

Create a home library:

If space allows, consider turning a section of the long wall into a home library. Wall-mounted bookshelves and comfortable seating can create a cozy and inviting reading nook.

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