Wall Mounting A Tv: A Complete Guide

By | December 24, 2022

Decorating Cents Wall Mounted TV and Hiding The Cords

Having a TV on the wall is a great way to enjoy your favorite shows and movies without taking up too much space. However, wall mounting a TV can be intimidating, especially if you’ve never done it before. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the entire process from start to finish, so you can enjoy your new wall-mounted TV in no time.

Choose the Right Mount

The first step in wall mounting a TV is choosing the right mount. There are a few different types of wall mounts to choose from, so it’s important to consider which one is best for your needs. The two most popular types of mounts are fixed mounts and full-motion mounts. Fixed mounts are the most basic type of mount and are great for smaller TVs. They are easy to install and provide a secure, stable mount for your TV. Full-motion mounts, on the other hand, are great for larger TVs and allow you to tilt, swivel, and rotate your TV for the perfect viewing angle.

Gather the Necessary Supplies

Once you’ve chosen the right mount for your TV, you’ll need to gather the necessary supplies to complete the installation. At a minimum, you’ll need the wall mount, a drill, and the appropriate screws and anchors for your wall. If you’re using a full-motion mount, you may also need extra hardware such as tilt brackets or a wall plate. Make sure you have all the necessary supplies before you begin the installation.

Install the Wall Mount

Now that you have all the necessary supplies, it’s time to install the wall mount. Start by finding the studs in your wall and marking them with a pencil. Once you’ve located the studs, attach the wall mount to the wall using the included hardware. Make sure the mount is level and securely attached before moving on to the next step.

Mount the TV

Once the wall mount is installed, you can attach the TV. First, connect the mounting brackets to the back of the TV using the supplied hardware. Then, carefully lift the TV and attach it to the wall mount. Make sure the TV is securely attached before letting go. Finally, plug in all the necessary cables and you’re ready to enjoy your new wall-mounted TV.

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