Mounted Tv Wall Design

By | February 23, 2024

Mounted TV Wall Design: A Comprehensive Guide

In modern living spaces, mounted TVs have become increasingly popular due to their sleek aesthetics, space-saving practicality, and optimal viewing experiences. With various design options available, selecting the perfect mounted TV wall design can elevate your home's interior and provide an immersive entertainment experience.

Advantages of Mounted TV Walls


Space Optimization:

Mounted TVs maximize floor space by utilizing vertical wall areas, allowing for more efficient furniture arrangements and maintaining a clutter-free environment. 2.

Improved Viewing Experience:

Proper TV placement ensures an ideal viewing angle, reducing neck strain and enhancing the overall visual experience. 3.

Enhanced Aesthetics:

A mounted TV can act as a focal point in your living area, creating a modern and sophisticated ambiance. Concealed wires and sleek wall mounts further contribute to a streamlined look. 4.

Increased Flexibility:

Mounted TVs offer flexibility in terms of viewing angles and distances, allowing you to adjust the position to suit different activities, such as watching movies, playing games, or using the TV as a computer monitor. 5.

Child and Pet Safety:

Mounting your TV high on the wall keeps it out of reach of curious children and playful pets, reducing the risk of accidents or damage to the TV.

Factors to Consider for Mounted TV Wall Designs


TV Size and Weight:

Choose a mount that can safely support the weight of your TV. Consider the VESA mount compatibility (a standard interface for mounting TVs) to ensure a secure fit. 2.

Wall Type:

Different wall types require specific mounting hardware. For drywall, use heavy-duty drywall anchors or toggle bolts. For concrete or brick walls, use appropriate concrete anchors or expansion bolts. 3.

Viewing Height:

The ideal TV height depends on your seating arrangement and personal preferences. Generally, the center of the TV should be around eye level when you're seated. 4.

Viewing Distance:

Maintain an appropriate viewing distance to avoid eye strain. Use a calculator to determine the recommended distance based on your TV size and resolution. 5.

Cable Management:

Conceal cables using cable management solutions like cable raceways, sleeves, or in-wall cable management systems to maintain a clean and organized appearance. 6.

Surround Sound System Integration:

If you have a surround sound system, consider the placement of speakers and the integration with your mounted TV. 7.

Style and Décor:

Select a TV mount that complements your décor and the overall style of your living space. Various mount designs, from sleek and modern to rustic and vintage, are available to match your preferences.

Popular Mounted TV Wall Design Ideas


Floating TV Wall Mount:

This modern design makes your TV appear suspended in mid-air, creating a minimalistic and elegant look. Floating mounts typically have a low profile and can be adjusted to tilt or swivel. 2.

Full-Motion TV Wall Mount:

Ideal for larger TVs, full-motion mounts provide the ultimate flexibility in viewing angles. They allow you to extend, tilt, pan, and swivel the TV to achieve the perfect position from any seat in the room. 3.

Corner TV Wall Mount:

Corner mounts are perfect for maximizing space in small rooms or creating a unique focal point in an open-concept living area. They allow you to mount your TV in a corner, saving valuable wall space. 4.

Deco TV Wall Mount:

Decorative mounts add a touch of style and personality to your TV setup. They come in various designs, from ornate vintage styles to sleek geometric patterns, complementing different décor themes. 5.

Hidden TV Wall Mount:

Hidden mounts conceal the TV within a wall cavity or cabinet, providing a seamless and minimalist look. These mounts are ideal for creating a dedicated home theater or media room.


Mounted TV wall designs offer a multitude of benefits, including space optimization, improved viewing experiences, enhanced aesthetics, and increased flexibility. With careful planning, consideration of various factors, and a touch of creativity, you can create a mounted TV wall design that perfectly complements your living space and elevates your entertainment experience. Remember to consult a professional installer if you lack the necessary expertise or tools to ensure safe and proper installation.

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